The GTK+ scene graph tool kit

At GUADEC 2013 I presented a talk about designing the future canvas API inside GTK+, and how we could learn from the lessons of Clutter as well as from other platforms like the Web.

After a year spent implementing that design, I will explain what I did, what I had to learn, and what I had to change of that original vision, as well as showing what the future of the GNOME core tool kit will look like.

Unlike the talks from previous years, this talk will not feature: memes, ponies, or rainbows. it will feature data structures for 3D math, layers, and the occasional topical reference to the pop culture fad of this summer. there will be screen shots, and possibly live demos.

Emmanuele Bassi

Emmanuele has been working on the core of the GNOME platform for years; he also maintains Clutter, a tool kit that he is now trying desperately to replace with GTK+ without having to regress UIs to 2003.