There are several accommodation options available around the venue. Here is a list of recommended places, but you’re welcome to check some on your own if you’d like. The venue is located at 4 rue du dôme, near the cathedral, in case you want something close to it.

Foyer de l’Étudiant Catholique (FEC)

Sponsored people will be staying at the Foyer de l’Étudiant Catholique, located within walking distance of the conference venue (400 metres). The address is 17 place Saint-Étienne.

You are a hitchhiker. Bring your own towel.

Wi-Fi is available in all rooms, and breakfast is included in the price.


There will be 50 beds at AMITEL available though the registration form at 32€ per night for a bed in a double room and 37€ per night for a single room. It is 1km away of the venue, at 8 rue de Soleure.

Internet access is offered in all rooms.

L’Hôtel de l’Ill ★★

The Hôtel de l’Ill is a charming, fully renovated hotel with 27 available rooms. It’s situated between the Cathedral and the University, within walking distance of the venue (650 metres) and the city centre.

They have a summer promotion, including breakfast and city tax. Make sure to remind them of this offer when you make your reservation.

Wi-Fi and ethernet are available in all rooms.

Fully booked

Le Regent Contades ★★★★

The Regent Contades is a luxury hotel near the city centre (avenue de la Liberté, Freedom avenue). It’s also located within walking distance (850 metres) of the venue.