Reusing Libreoffice in your application

Discover how the Libreoffice project is working on making it easier to integrate Libreoffice into your application. We will have a close look at how liblibreoffice and tiled rendering help making Libreoffice available for document rendering and format conversion. Also we will see how the new The Document Foundation project the “Document Liberation Project” helps bring importers for proprietary formats into the FOSS world. Last but not least enjoy enjoy news about many new features in the upcoming Libreoffice.

Markus Mohrhard

Markus is a Libreoffice hacker working mostly on Calc and charts. When he is not hacking calc he is implementing new, crazy testing ideas for the Libreoffice project. He currently serves at the Libreoffice Engineering Steering Committee. Apart from his work on Libreoffice he maintains the Libreoffice cppunit version and is a co-maintainer of orcus, ixion and mdds.