GNOME Outreach – A report from the War nobody is participating in

GNOME has always been a controversial project due to the decisions they make, the positions they hold, and thus our relationship with FOSS community at times in conflict.

Outreach both internal and external is about defending our story and not allowing others to write it for us. Let’s talk about how we can better present ourselves to the public in the age of social media and reduce the conflict that we have while continuing to pursue our goal of being a competitive desktop based on Free Software and our mission to spread Free Software.

Sri Ramkrishna

Sri Ramkrishna joined the GNOME project in 1997, and has held various positions from irc water cooler guy, GNOME Journal, and other things. From 2011, Sri has been primarily been interested in engagement with the FOSS community and also runs the GNOME QA team. He’s currently a GNOME Foundation Board member.