Fleet Commander: Making GNOME 3 shine on large deployments

Fleet Commander is a new project lead by Matthew Barnes and co-developed by Alberto Ruiz that attempts to turn GNOME 3 in the best desktop for sysadmins and large deployments.

It’s core functionality provides the tools neccessary to create configuration profiles through a web interface and deploy those profiles upon users, groups or hosts. Moving forward it intends to provide extended funcionality such as lockdown settings to prevent users from accessing certain apps, adding bookmarks to the web browser or deploy online accounts automagically.

We will present Fleet Commander’s design and roadmap.

Alberto Ruiz

Alberto Ruiz works at Red Hat as the engineering manager of the Evolution, LibreOffice, Firefox and now Fleet Commander teams.

Previous to Red Hat he worked at several GNOME related companies as an engineer such as Canonical, Codehtink and Sun Microsystems.

He was born and raised in Gran Canaria, Spain.