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Talks Available to View Online

Over the course of the core conference days, there was a total of 42 talks on a range of subjects, including technological developments and plans, design, and community outreach. There were also two sessions of short “lightning talks” as well as the GNOME Foundation Annual General Meeting. The majority of these sessions were recorded, and are now available to view online.

The videos provide details on the many exciting new developments that are currently happening in GNOME, including hi-resolution display support, our new geolocation framework, new applications, fantastic progress made by our outreach initiatives, Wayland support, and WebKit2 integration.

Party at the Starobrno Brewery

We’re happy to say that today’s party at the Starobrno Brewery is being sponsored by Mozilla. Join us there from 19.30 for food and some free drinks!

To get there from the venue you can catch tram 1 at Semilasso and get out at Mendlovo náměstí. With tram 12 you should get out at Šilingrovo náměstí and then catch tram 5 down hill to Mendlovo náměstí.

Trams stop around 22.30 so, to get back, catch bus 98 to Hlavní nádraží and then switch to bus 90 if you want to go along tram 1’s line or switch to bus 93 or 99 if you destination is on tram 12’s line.

Welcome to GUADEC 2013

GUADEC is approaching really fast now. We will be holding a welcome event at Ventana Café on Wednesday, July 31 starting at 16:00 local time. It should end at 21:00.

Ventana Café is just across the street from this year’s venue at the Faculty of Information Technology.

Join us to claim your participant badge and meet everyone!

If you can’t make it to this event look for the registration desk during the conference to get your badge.

Call for papers

GUADEC is the annual conference of the GNOME community, held in Europe since 2000. GUADEC is the world’s largest gathering of users and developers who are involved with the free desktop and mobile user interfaces. GUADEC 2013 will be held in Brno, Czech Republic, a city which has played host to several other successful GNOME-related hackfests in the past. GUADEC is expected to draw hundreds of attendees who will discuss and direct the future of the GNOME project. Developers, artists, translators, users, and representatives from government, education, and businesses, and anyone else who shares an interest are welcome to attend. And we need you to give a talk!
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