A sustainable business model for free software?

How can we help free software to get more sustainable, by providing revenue to those who contribute? How can users needing an improvement contribute to it?

Open Funding is a co-funding platform for free software. It aims at providing a sustainable business model to free software development and common good production. The idea is to enable free software users to contribute to projects by funding them feature by feature, creating a long term relationship between a project and its community. It also takes a professional approach to crowdfunding by enabling users to validate the development, thus committing developers to their results.

Sylvain Le Bon

Sylvain has worked in software for almost 10 years, and has never been satisfied with the way the industry deals with the projects and the skills. That’s why he first created Open Initiative, to help organize projects with agility, and then Open Funding, to provide a new business model for free software, fair and sustainable.