Wayland support in WebKit2GTK+

Although most of the Wayland porting work will be solved by UI toolkits like GTK+, when X dependencies go beyond an implementation detail and have an influence on how a particular feature was designed, porting the software to Wayland can be more challenging. WebKit2GTK+ is one such case due to the split process architecture that comes with WebKit2, where rendering happens across two processes that need optimal (zero-copy) mechanisms to share an accelerated graphics surface for its Accelerated Compositing feature. This talk is intended for developers interested in porting applications to Wayland that need to share accelerated graphics between two processes. The talk will focus on WebKit2GTK+ as a case study, explaining how WebKit2’s architecture and X influenced the original design and implementation of Accelerated Compositing and how this feature is redesigned and implemented for Wayland.

Žan Doberšek

Žan Doberšek is a fresh addition to Igalia’s Browsers team but has contributed to WebKitGTK+ for years before that. Recently he’s been part of the team tasked to bring Wayland support to the GNOME’s favorite web engine and can share first-hand experience about it.