Virtual machine management made easy

During GNOME Boxes development, a set of GObject-based libraries were developed in order to make interactions with libvirt easier. These libraries let you create VMs and manage their lifecycle, handle automatic OS installation. Boxes also used existing GTK+ widget to embed the graphical display of these VMs.  This talk will be an introduction to the libvirt-glib, libosinfo, spice-gtk libraries, and to the libraries revolving around the libvirt stack in general. It will present how these libraries can be used, as well as where they are headed in the future.


Christophe Fergeau

Christophe has been a free software user and hacker since last century. He started his involvement by helping with the French GNOME translation, and then contributed to Galeon, Rhythmbox, sound-juicer, and to various parts of the GNOME stack.
He joined Red Hat Desktop Team in 2011 and has been working on the SPICE remote display protocol since then.