Next generation input methods

Input methods are an important part of a desktop because writing text is one of the most important daily activities of any user.

The talk will focus on evolution/history of input frameworks and the future towards Wayland integration with GNOME.

Firstly, we will introduce a new library which provides a minimal core functions of input method frameworks. In general, input method frameworks with long history have many portability hacks to provide consistent user experience under different environments (X11, GTK+, Qt, etc.). The minial core library could make it easier to port input methods to new platform, like Wayland.

Secondly, we will talk about integration of text prediction features into input methods and desktop as a whole. Most of the input methods provides API’s for text prediction and spell checking, so this talk would explain how we can improve text prediction and spell checking so that users will get native text prediction experience.

Daiki Ueno

Caribou, Gettext, IBus, libkkc, Debian maintainer
GNOME Foundation member

Anish Patil
IBus, ibus-typing booster maintainer
Fedora packager, GNOME Foundation member